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Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Core Yoga, Restorative and more.

Understand your body, inquire possibilities, be present, be kind and have fun! 

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“We don’t sit in meditation to become good meditators. We sit in meditation so that we’ll be more awake in our lives.”- Pema Chodron

The Meditation Experience course was created to introduce people into the meditation practice and its many strands, demystifying it and building the foundations for a lifelong practice and the enjoyment of its many physical and mental benefits.

Mindfulness, Buddhist and Indian are a few of the traditions and techniques visited on this course that is suitable to everybody, from absolute beginners to those who want to learn and discover ways to deepen their practice.


Journey Through the Self

Women Yoga, Meditation and Therapeutic Healing

“Life is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self”

We believe that experiencing, understanding and honouring the Self in our life’s journey lead us to a more empowered, healthy and joyous life!

This is a full day intimate retreat lovingly created and dedicated to women who are ready to embrace all facets of themselves (maiden, mother and crone) and create space to the full potential of experiencing life boldly.

Mind, Body and Spirit together in a profoundly transformative and nourishing day. We have planned a day where Yoga practices, Meditation and living experiences come beautifully together to support and guide us on this journey.

Mindfully selected practices ensure that this day suits every woman (over 18 years old).

We will provide tea, a light lunch and snacks through the day as well as all the materials needed. You are welcome to bring your yoga mat, but we can provide this too.

In order to create a loving and safe environment, this will be an intimate gathering and spaces are very limited.

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Practising with total attention within the body is advanced yoga, no matter how easy the posture” – David Coulter in Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

Mindful Movement consists of gentle stretching and strengthening postures done slowly with moment to moment awareness of the breath and the stations that arise as you move. It cultivates the importance of listening to your own body, in order to honour its wisdom and be present.

The class integrates asanas of Hatha Yoga, gentle movements of Tai Chi and Zen practices alongside Mindfulness techniques.

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